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I went for a walk down La Hinca road (northeast of my place). I thought about taking my monopod and 200-500 lens in order to hopefully catch the full moon rising, but I didn’t want to drag eight pounds of camera three miles, so I decided instead to just take my 50mm f/1.8 on the D2X.

I managed to catch the full moon rising, AND a V-22 Osprey at the same time. Wouldn’t have been able to get this shot with my long lens!

And the last rays of the setting sun lit up the Polvadera mountains nicely, too.

To Quemado and Back

Yesterday I tried to ride the Harley to Pie Town to, you know, get some pie or whatever, and got almost as far as Datil when I realized I had forgotten to bring a face mask. D’oh. So today I went back in the car, since it was just too cold and windy to ride.

It also gave me the opportunity to try out my new Nikon D600, which I couldn’t have done on the motorcycle.

Ironically, it turned out — much to my surprise — that The Gathering Place in Pie Town does not require anyone (customers or employees) to wear masks. Also, there’s a huge “Trump 2020” flag flying out front (which I didn’t notice until after I walked back outside). Sadly, I think this was the last time I’ll spend my money there.

Mountains northwest of Datil
Tower west of Datil and south of Hwy. 60
Same tower, west of Datil
Lookout tower and radio towers, north of Datil and northeast of Hwy. 60
Same towers north of Datil
The Mustang’s replacement, a 2018 Prius.
1/27th of the Very Large Array
4/27ths of the Very Large Array
I was going for a less-defocused effect on the dishes, but oh well.

White Oaks, NM

I went exploring yesterday on my day off and passed through the tiny, out-of-the-way town of White Oaks, an old gold mining town about twelve miles northeast of Carrizozo. It’s a pretty place, and I love the late-1800s architecture which reminds me a lot of southern Colorado coal mining towns.


We got about 5″ of snow the night of the 27th into the 28th, with freezing fog overnight too so my anemometer was frozen solid. Plus, the power kept freaking out, so I ended up having to turn off all the UPSs so we could sleep.

Once the sun came out, it looked like the Rebel planet Hoth.