Goldwing Puddle; K2500 Fuel Pump Replacement

The puddle under the ‘Wing is brake fluid. No big deal. I need to replace / rebuild the reservoir anyway. The only concern is that it might damage paint, but since presumably it’s been happening for a while, I guess it’s not that big a concern.


I replaced the fuel pump, strainer, and filter on Kevin’s truck this weekend, hoping to cure the no-start condition. It didn’t. I raised the bed rather than dropping the fuel tank out the bottom. It wasn’t easy, but it made working on the pump fairly simple — once I got to it.

The truck is acting very strange. If I spray starter fluid in the intake and crank it with the gas pedal depressed, and keep cranking after I hear it fire, it will sometimes start up and run for 30 seconds or so, then die. Not always, though. It still runs like crap, too.

Wondering if it’s the fuel pump relay, oil pressure sensor, or coolant temperature sensor causing this. It’s tempting to just replace all three.