Weekend Vehicle Work

Got a lot of vehicle work done this weekend.

Cleaned all the windows in Kevin’s truck and took it to the Montessa transfer station. Once we shut down and started unloading, Kevin noticed that coolant was pouring out from under the truck. The radiator was boiling over into the overflow jug, and it was dumping coolant onto the ground. I replaced the radiator cap, and that solved the issue.

Got the dirt bikes out and threadlocked many fasteners on the KX250, and tightened down / replaced others. Checked various fluids. Repacked the KX250’s muffler with steel wool, and replaced a missing sheet metal bolt that holds on the muffler cap. This made the KX250 significantly less loud, though it’s still very loud.

Kevin zipped around on the PW80.

Checked the Goldwing’s fluids. The coolant was still fine, and the brake reservoir is slowly draining, but still serviceable.

(previous weekend) took the tachometer off and lubed it with graphite, which didn’t work well. I ended up using all-in-one oil, which worked better but will probably dry out eventually.

Replaced the K2500’s wipers.

Titled and registered the K2500 at ASAP MVD in LL.

Replaced the trailer’s tail light lens.