Buying a Truck

I’m going to go look at an ’06 F-250 at Unique Motor Sports this morning. It’s cheap ($9k), so I imagine it has some issues.

Mary and I talked about it, and this time, what I’d like to do is this: rather than getting rid of this truck when (not if) it develops problems, I’m going to look at swapping a Cummins into it.


I bought a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 with a Cummins 24v from Unique Motor Sports in Albuquerque. $19,950. They wanted to give me only $7k in trade for the Tahoe, and $2k down cash, but I said no to both. I said we’d have to work on the trade value for the Tahoe, and I didn’t want to put down any cash. I also said I wanted the windshield replaced, and a spare tire and rim.

The best they were able to do was a 60 month loan at 10%, $413/month. But then — and AFTER I had signed the sales contract, after they no longer had any incentive to do so — the salesman called me back and said he had gotten me BETTER financing. 2.25% for 72 months! $300 a month! Holy cow.

They replaced the windshield and located a spare tire and rim. And gave me $9k in trade on the Tahoe.

And they did all this after not even seeing the Tahoe. Just took my word for it.

Having great credit and making good money is nice.


The only immediate item of concern on the Ram is, I’m pretty sure the cooling system has green and orange mixed. The radiator has green in it, and the overflow bottle has orange. Now, that might just mean that the system used to have orange, was flushed out, but the overflow bottle wasn’t. That’s not a huge deal. But I need to look into whether I need to dump it and replace, since the orange and green don’t mix. If I don’t dump it, need to look into whether SCAs are an issue.