Ram Issues, Back to the Shop

Loving the truck, but it’s got a few issues. The power drops off above 2000 RPM — a characteristic symptom of a dying lift pump. I cleaned the K&N filter using a K&N Recharger kit, hoping that would help (since the filter minder said it was restricted), but it didn’t. Also, interestingly, the filter minder still said it was restricted after cleaning.

Then, when I drove to work this morning, the CEL kept coming on, the gauges would drop to zero (sometimes the temp/oil/volts, and sometimes just the fuel). Then the gauges would slowly drift back to normal, and the CEL would turn off. It did this about a dozen times.

And, the idle hangs anywhere from 1000 to 1200 RPM. It’s supposed to be 825-875 RPM.

I made a list of these things and took the truck over to Unique Motor Sports. They’re going to check it out. The mechanic said he probably can’t look at it until tomorrow. I told him to please let it sit overnight and then try driving it, since the gauge issues go away once it’s warmed up.

A lift pump isn’t that expensive. I hope they will simply replace it.

Dave, the salesman who sold me the truck, gave me a ride back to work in our Tahoe.