Lift Pump Replaced

Spoke with Johnny Widner, the mechanic at Unique, about the truck.

He replaced the lift pump, but that did not resolve the issue. So he took the truck over to a diesel mechanic friend of his.

They tested the fuel pressures. He says the injection pump is great, very consistent 5500-6000 psi pressure. After researching, I realize that’s *idle* rail pressure, and indeed that’s right where it should be, typically 5500-6000 psi (and up to, I think, 26000 at WOT). I’m not sure if they hooked an actual gauge up to the fuel rail or did this using a scanner.

He said they did more testing afterward, presumably using a boost leak tester and soapy water, and discovered a boost leak from one of the intercooler boots. He estimates 5 PSI boost is being lost due to this leak.

He has the part on order from Chrysler and will put it on as soon as he gets it, hopefully tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll have time to test it out and I can take it home for the weekend.