Monthly Archives: March 2015

DMV Goldwing & Mercedes Adventures

Went to the downtown Albuquerque DMV to get a duplicate title for the Goldwing, which I screwed up when I signed (transposed the month and day). The dupe title was no problem.

I also titled and registered the Mercedes. And the clerk screwed up the fuel type, of course; she put gasoline instead of diesel, when the old title said diesel. She didn’t even offer me an opportunity to proofread. When I pointed out the mistake, she didn’t even acknowledge having done anything wrong, nor apologize. She just started churning for another fifteen minutes. Did I proofread the title a second time? You’re damn right I did.

I’m just glad I looked at it before walking away. Fighting back into the DMV is a pain in the neck.


K2500 Water Pump

Replaced the K2500’s water pump successfully. It wasn’t that hard, but I screwed up the cheap paper gaskets that came with it on my first attempt and had to disassemble everything again after buying two better Fel-Pro gaskets at O’Reilly. I had also tried to use Permatex gasket maker, which was a mistake; people online say you should install these gaskets dry. Once I did, there were no leaks.

I inspected the serpentine belt and the fan clutch, and both seemed fine. I didn’t really want to spend an extra $100 to replace them.

The good news is, also, that I dumped so much coolant on the ground during this project that the truck has basically had a full coolant flush.

K2500 Replacements

So, I guess you’re supposed to replace your fan clutch at the same time you replace your water pump. And I guess I should replace the serpentine belt, too. I’d rather inspect those two before just replacing them, though, since the cost is an additional $100.

K2500 Hoses/Thermostat/Ignition Module

Replaced both radiator hoses, the thermostat, and the ignition control module on the K2500 this weekend. We used money from Kevin’s truck fund.

The truck had no thermostat! It just had the shell of one. That partly explains the terrible fuel economy and rich running. Also, I discovered a vacuum line running to the charcoal canister that was disconnected from the throttle body. That clears up the vacuum leak sound and should also improve the fuel economy.

It runs and drives great, now. No stalling at all, very smooth power, and smooth shifts even under heavy throttle. With a thermostat, it should now warm up quicker (before, it took forever for the heat to happen, and the temperature needle would hardly move) as well as running cooler.

Unfortunately, it’s still leaking coolant. I think the water pump needs to be replaced. I shouldn’t have assumed it was a hose, but that’s really the most likely thing (and they should have been replaced anyway).