Ram hub / rotors / brake pads replaced

I got the Ram’s front end all put back together, after several evenings of work.

Replaced the driver’s side front hub with a Timken HA590032 from AutoZone.

Replaced both front rotors with Bosch QuietCasts from O’Reilly with a lifetime warranty.

Replaced the front brake pads with BrakeBest (the cheapo ones) from O’Reilly.

I also replaced the caliper slider bolts and boots and the anti-rattle clips, and greased everything. Also, I put anti-seize on the hub bolts and mounting surfaces, and on the back side of both rotors. Hopefully when I have to take this all apart again (to replace ball joints / track bar ends / u-joints) it’ll be easier to get apart.

I still have up/down play in both front wheels, even after replacing the hub. So I don’t think the hub was causing the wobbling issue at 65-70 mph (it’s still happening, but goes completely away around 72 mph). In fact, I think the old hub might still have some life in it, so I guess I’ll hold on to it.