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Kevin’s truck fluid maintenance

4L60E transmission:

I smelled the dipstick recently when checking the transmission fluid, and it smelled burned. Thus, I don’t think I should do a flush; just drain the pan, replace the filter and pan gasket, and refill to capacity (4-6 quarts of Dex/Merc). Doing a flush would be more likely to cause problems with what has probably been a neglected transmission (though I do have a receipt for a rebuild about ten years ago).

2 gallons Wal-Mart Super Tech Dex/Merc $11.48 each = $22.96

AutoZone Duralast filter/gasket kit $9.99

Transfer case:

NP241, 2.15 quarts of the same Wal-Mart Super Tech Dex/Merc ATF.

Front axle:

75w-90, synthetic if possible

Rear axle:

80w-90, synthetic if possible


Already done (I went through so much coolant while changing the hoses and water pump that the entire system got flushed and refilled several times).

Brake fluid:

Suck it out with a turkey baster, replace with new fluid, then bleed the brakes (if possible — they may be too rusted to do so).

Power steering fluid:

Also suck out with a turkey baster and refill.