Parts, finally

The funds for car parts were authorized after a long drought. So I ordered parts.


Right front window regulator (various mfr, Rock Auto pn MB1351102) $32.79

New radiator (Nissen 1405002303) $207.95 from BuyAutoParts via Amazon (excellent, since the cheapest I could find it elsewhere was $275)

Upper radiator hose (APA W0133-1715721-APA) $28.39 from Amazon

Serpentine belt (Contitech 6K X 2145) $23.25 from Pelican Parts

Expansion tank cap (Rein OEM) $6.25 from Pelican Parts

Windshield wiper insert (left) (Bosch 25″) $14.25 from Pelican Parts

Windshield wiper insert (right) (Bosch 28″) $14 from Pelican Parts

Fuel filter, spin-on (Mahle) $9 from Pelican Parts

Fuel pre-filter, in-line (Bosch) $2.75 from Pelican Parts

Transmission filter kit (Elring Klinger) $13.75 from Pelican Parts

Oil filter kit (Hengst) $9.25 from Pelican Parts


Temperature sender (Airtex 1H8) $5.34 from Rock Auto

Distributor cap (Airtex 1A7) $4.14 from Rock Auto

Distributor rotor (Airtex 1A8) $1.06 from Rock Auto

Spark plug wire set (Standard Motor Products 26889) $13.02 from Rock Auto

Serpentine belt (Dayco 5060955DR), $11.39 from Amazon

Transmission filter kit (Pioneer 745031) $12.60 from Amazon

Oxygen sensor (Denso 234-1001) $13.51 from Amazon


Serpentine belt (Gates K081264) $30.57 from Amazon