K2500 and Mercedes oil changes, etc.

Changed the oil and filter on the K2500. Boy, I really shouldn’t have turned the filter more than 3/4 turn past contact last oil change — it was a real bear to get off there. I crushed the old filter getting it off. Used an ACDelco PF52E filter and five quarts of SuperTech 5w-30 conventional.

The old oil, with under 800 miles on it, was black and smelled like gas. This was due to the timing wire being disconnected. I’m hopeful that will be a thing of the past.

Changed the Mercedes’ oil and filter, too. I had done one previous oil change, back in March, but I wasn’t able to change the filter because I couldn’t get the new one to fit. Today, with a flashlight, I discovered that there were actually *two* filters in there! I removed them both and got the new one to fit just fine.

I used a Wix filter and eight quarts of SuperTech 15w-40 conventional.

I inspected the Mercedes’ turbo blades and shaft play while I was at it. The blades look great and there was no noticeable play either side-to-side or end-to-end. I’d say it’s in fine shape.