Sold the K2500

With all the electrical trouble the Ram has been giving me, Mary and I talked about our options. We discussed trading it in, but I don’t really want to; I really like the truck — when it’s running well.

She suggested we trade Kevin’s K2500 on something different for her (since, after all, his truck has kind of become hers by default). I said I don’t think it would bring much in trade, but that we could find something for her and then sell the K2500 to offset the cost.

So that’s what we did. I found a nice 2000 Ford Taurus last Friday, and we bought it for the asking price, $1750. It has about 172,000 miles on it, is nice and clean and runs perfectly. It was owned by the State of New Mexico for a dozen years, which probably explains why it’s in such good shape. Mary really likes it.

And then yesterday Kevin and I drove the K2500 to the old cabinet factory and photographed it, then I vacuumed and Armor-Alled the inside and photographed the inside. I wasn’t able to edit the images and get an ad up until 8 pm after William had gone to bed, but I put it up for $1500. Someone offered to trade a “new, never fired” AR-15 for it; no thanks. Then another guy called and offered me $1300, I accepted, he showed up with his entire family about an hour later, and the deal was done. Sold it in literally less than three hours.

Well, so long, K2500. You were a decent beater truck. We’ll see about getting Kevin something else in four years or so.

The K2500 had 332,600 miles, by the way. We only put about 4000 miles on it in 16 months.