Ram: Oil and filter change; fuel filter change

207,048 miles, 7/11/16.

I replaced the fuel filter (with a Baldwin PF7977, which does in fact fit even though Amazon thinks it doesn’t). The old one was dirty, though I don’t know how much of that was dirt and how much was just trapped dye from the 2-stroke oil. There is a marked increase in acceleration with the new filter, so I guess I ought not wait as long between fuel filter changes (this one had at least 21,000 miles on it, as it couldn’t have been replaced earlier than when I bought the truck from Unique — and maybe it even had more miles than that).

People on the forums say to change the fuel filter every other oil change. For $15, it’s a good way to preserve injectors and the injection pump.

Changed the engine oil (with plain Valvoline diesel 15w-40) and filter (Baldwin BT7349 — again, Amazon says it doesn’t fit but it does).