The start of the Ram rebuild

William and I started the project last night: moved the Ram to the south side of the driveway, which is the best place for it to be if it can’t move for a week or two. Then we took the wheels off.

I started it up and put it in gear in 4wd just to see if I could hear any strange noises in the front end. Well, only one wheel per axle spins: the passenger side rear and the driver side front. So I guess that confirms both diffs are open, not limited slip. If I rev it, I can get the other wheel on each axle to briefly spin.

But what this revealed was that the passenger rear rotor is badly misshapen. As it spins, you can see the caliper sliding back and forth on its pins. Probably means that rotor needs to be replaced, and at a minimum, it’s causing vibration.

I didn’t do anything else. A bunch of parts will be here today, but with the remnants of a hurricane passing through, it seems unlikely I’ll get to work on the truck tonight.