Ram still not done …

It’s been an adventure, and it’s not over yet. I spoke with the owner of Albuquerque Driveshaft later on Thursday and he informed me that the Moog 464s I ordered did not fit the axle shafts.

He ended up using Neapco 2-0053s (not a U-joint I had found), and apparently also used a Neapco 2-3011 somewhere else (not sure about that). Not sure, since what I’m finding indicates the 2-0053s go in the front driveshaft, and so does a 2-3011. … anyway, I’m going to be on the hook for the work I had already asked them to do, plus the carrier bearing, plus whatever U-joints they used from their stock. And then I’ll have to return at least some of my Moogs to Amazon.

Then, they called me on Friday morning to say that everything was done, except for one thing: the stub shaft (that is, the shorter half) of the driver’s side axle shaft was bent, to the point where they couldn’t get a new U-joint to fit. I asked if it could be bent back into shape and the guy said no way. I guess that my efforts to remove the old U-joint without undoing the retaining clips bent it. At this point I’m not clear whether the Moog 464s didn’t fit because the stub shaft was bent, or for some other reason.

I found and ordered a replacement, a genuine AAM 1485-series 40027243 front outer axle stub shaft, for $100.00 (plus $11 shipping). According to FedEx, it will be here tomorrow, and I will take it over to the shop first thing Wednesday morning. With luck, they’ll get it done Wednesday and I can take everything home and put it on Wednesday evening.

The transfer case started leaking again within twelve hours of being filled with oil. I took a careful look at it and found a place on the back side that had gasket maker on the outside of the case and was leaking. It appears one of the places the chain had contacted on the inside caused a stress crack, which leaks. I drained it and JB-welded the area, and that fixed that particular leak. Unfortunately, even after fixing that, it’s still weeping from the bottommost part of the case. I thought about overtorquing the bolts there, but I doubt that’d fix it — and might even make it worse. This transfer case is just messed up. I guess I’ll just live with it. At least, it should be a slower leak now than it was.

I cleaned a lot of oil off the front end (steering linkage, etc). The engine is leaking oil, probably from the front main seal.

I tried to replace the torsion bar bushings, and found I can’t get the passenger side undone without first undoing the entire steering linkage. I’m not interested in doing that, so it’ll have to wait.

Put the rear wheels back on (after rotating them and swapping them from the front) and the spare too.