97 truck to-dos


Change brake fluid and bleed brakes

Inspect brake pads and rotors

Change transmission oil and filter

Change front and rear diff oil

Change transfer case oil

Change power steering fluid

Flush coolant system and replace with pink: research Evapo-Rust Thermocure versus the standard Prestone flush
— this ties into the grease project because it requires tying into the coolant lines, so that’s the best time to do the coolant drain/flush procedure




Get camper shell

Better fuel filtration solution (add electric pump?)

Replace exhaust system or add a tip

Replace tires and rims; get a spare tire and rim

Replace or paint tailgate

Replace rear passenger side window regulator

Install some sort of kill switch solution — perhaps a 6-position chip

Hook up front LED lights

Replace dash pad

Replace headlight

Replace reverse bulbs with brighter ones

Install grease system

Fix air conditioning

Rebuild turbo

Rebuild front end

– What all do I need?

Inspect driveline U-joints; R&R front driveshaft U-joint if necessary; reinstall front driveshaft