97 truck update

I had all eight injectors (which were AA code, and apparently one was definitely bad) replaced with some 5000ish-mile AB code injectors. The guy who did the work is Uriah Baldonado, who also lives in Los Lunas. I traded him the three dirt bikes for the injectors and the work, and kept the existing AA code injectors.

The truck has considerably more power now. It still smokes on a cold startup, but at least part of that has to be one bad glow plug. It makes noticeably more boost, too — it tops out at about 11 psi now, whereas before I could only get about 5 psi out of it.

Uriah advised me that the turbo does need to be rebuilt; he said the compressor wheel is really chewed up. Also, one of the hood hinges needs to be adjusted or replaced.

Uriah did say my under valve cover harnesses (UVCH) are new or nearly so.

Also, Uriah replaced all the injector o-rings with new ones prior to installation. That really made a difference; the truck no longer smells like it’s burning oil.