Greasecar system plumbed to cooling

I located the fitting I thought was missing — it was in the box with the CoPilot computer. So I finished the hookup of the Greasecar system to the coolant system last night and refilled the truck with pink coolant.

I dropped the transmission pan, replaced the filter, cleaned the pan, and replaced it (reusing the factory gasket, which the pan says is reusable). There was a lot of metal gunk on the magnet in the pan, but that’s pretty typical. I didn’t see anything unusual. The ATF was dark but clear and didn’t seem to contain metal particles, so I think the transmission is in good shape.

I refilled the transfer case with ATF. It takes an amazing amount to fill to the bottom of the drain plug. Something like 6-7 quarts.

I fired the truck up and found no leaks. Everything was normal and the heating coils in the grease tank and around the grease filter are both getting hot, as is the new coolant filter.