Monthly Archives: September 2018

Kevin’s Shovelhead

So the oil leaking issue does indeed appear to be the “sumping” issue that Shovelheads are notorious for. I started the bike yesterday afternoon (after having run it on Sunday), and while it leaked a little oil from the vent, it wasn’t very much. I simply caught it in a Seafoam can and put the oil back in the reservoir.

It does appear the carb needs to be cleaned and/or rebuilt, since the bike will run fine on choke (with a bit of backfiring) but won’t run at all when you give it throttle.

Burning oil to haul oil

I found a guy on Craigslist who was giving away 30+ cubies worth of WVO. He met us at the Dollar Tree at Central & Atrisco. We got 32 cubies of oil!

2018-09-16 15.12.58.jpg

… which then required Kevin and me to rearrange the shed to make room.

2018-09-16 16.35.34.jpg

… and the really cool thing was, I did the whole trip on WVO.

Breaker panel and circuit documentation

When I had my new windows installed by Andersen, they managed to somehow cause a circuit to stop working. That circuit turned out to have a LOT of stuff on it — most of the outlets in the garage, the garage door opener, the upstairs bathroom GFI, the east porch outlet (which is how the shed gets its power), etc, etc. I searched for a tripped GFI but couldn’t find one. So I decided to take a day to document where every circuit went and label every outlet in the house.

This gadget, a Klein Tools ET300, made the job a lot faster. You plug in the transmitter to an outlet and then go back to the breaker panel and can immediately find which circuit that outlet is connected to. Much faster than turning off breakers and searching for dead outlets!

Anyway, it turned out there are multiple GFIs on that dead circuit, and I had failed to find one of the GFIs — which was in the garage. That one was tripped. Resetting it made everything work again.