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Rear seats

I got home early after the baseball game, and tried to tap some more holes for the F-350 rear seats. I screwed up one of the passenger side seatbelt holes; yes, it turns out that using a power drill to tap holes is not a good idea. I’m probably going to have to drill that one out and use a regular bolt and nut.

I also fixed the headlight switch. Then I took the air filter off (what a royal pain that was) and blew probably several pounds of dirt and other crap out of it. I’m amazed the filter monitor didn’t say it was restricted. Then, after reinstalling the intake, I put a trash bag over the air filter (which the manual says to keep dry) and used Oil Eater all over the engine compartment, and hosed it down gently with the hose (not pressure washing, but using the “shower” setting). It got a lot of the grime out of the engine compartment.

While I had the intake apart, I looked at the turbo compressor blades. They are not in very good shape; at least one of them has a chunk out of it. I don’t really want to think about what those bits did to the engine. I hope that happened to the previous engine and not this one (as this engine has a “remanufactured” sticker on the passenger valve cover). Anyway, taking the turbo off and inspecting the rest of it would be a good idea. I could replace the entire turbo (a couple hundred bucks — lots of the stock 6.0 turbos are available as take-offs) or just replace the wheel (a Wicked Wheel is, I think, less than $250). It’ll depend on what condition the bearings are in, I suppose.

I also cleaned the MAF sensor while I was in there. I figured why not.