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Weekend stuff

The boys and I did some work on the truck. A rainstorm on Friday made it clear I hadn’t gotten all the degreaser out of the cab or dashboard, as there were streaks everywhere, so we got a bucket and rags and scrubbed everything. The floor mats now look a lot better.

I removed the channel cover on driver and passenger side, and discovered that on the driver’s side, there was dirt packed solid into the channel. I scraped and vacuumed out probably several pounds of dirt.

We washed the truck, which made it look somewhat better.

And, I tightened most of the CAC boot clamps. Every one seemed looser than it should have been. I can’t remember what the torque spec is, nor do I think I have a small enough torque wrench. But, having tightened the clamps, I noticed an immediate improvement in power. The truck is definitely boosting significantly harder. My boost gauge says I got it to about 20.5 psi going up Gibson at WOT, which is a lot better than it was doing (previously about 15-16 psi).

A temporary fix until I can replace the CAC boots, compressor wheel and rebuild the turbo. But I’m amazed at how much it woke the truck up. I think this engine’s got potential, especially after I replace the bad injector (but, then again, it seems to be running better and better. I think the Hot Shot Secret is doing its job).

Also, I pulled the trailer for the first time yesterday, with the KX 250 and the PW80 on it. It’s like it’s not even there.